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Interactive Country Dashboard
Income Group:

Country Group / Country
Estimated people who developed TB
Missing people with TB
Estimated people who developed TB and were coinfected by HIV
People who were diagnosed with both TB and HIV infection
People who died because of TB
Missing people with DR-TB
Estimated people who developed drug resistant TB (DR-TB) - a form of TB that is more dificult to diagnose, treat and cure
County Membership and Eligibility
Active national TB MP Caucus?
Eligible for Global Fund Funding (TB or TB/HIV)?Y
Is High DR-TB Burden?Y
Is High TB Burden?Y
Is High TB-HIV Burden?Y
National StopTB Partnership?Y
Participates in GF Strategic Initiative to find missing people with TB?Y
USAID TB Priority?Y
StopTB Partners in Country
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